Quarantine Support Request Form Jan 2022

Please fill in this form if you are eligible to request support during quarantine
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Request support during quarantine (international students only)

Are you eligible?

Please note that you should ONLY complete this form if you are an international students arriving in the UK for the first time to begin studies, you have booked your accommodation via the University Accommodation Service


You are required to quarantine for 10 days on arrival.

You will find this on your CAS or offer letter
Please enter a phone number we can contact you on during your self-isolation period. This can be an overseas number (make sure you include the international dialling code). Remember, you can log back in this form to amend it to your UK contact number anytime.
Please note that this evidence will be subject to verification checks
Please fill in the full address of the accommodation where you will staying immediately after arriving. If you need to self-quarantine, this will be the address where you will be during the 10 days of quarantine
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